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Ving Hotel Key Cards

Ving card

Newline offers magnetic stripe keycards compatible with Ving lock systems. We offer locks that read both LoCo and HiCo magnetic-stripe keycards.

LoCo stands for low coercivity. HiCo for high coercivity.Coercivity refers to the density of the magnetic particles in the stripe. This density is measured in oersted (oe). LoCo has 300 oe. HiCo has 2750 oe. Data stored in the mag-stripe keycards may be affected when being close to magnetic fields. Therefore, HiCo keycards are more robust. Each type of mag-stripe keycard (LoCo or HiCo) requires its own specific encoder whereas Ving locks read both types of card.

CUSTOM KEYCARD PRINTING with your hotel branding, can open doors to more than just your hotel lock. They can open the door to new business opportunities and allow you to increase your profits. With a customized impression, your keycards can be a useful tool to promote your property, your chain or even your suppliers.

We also can custom print on RFID card to help your branding and image.Promote property facilities, such as restaurants and shops, let your guests know about special events or advertise local businesses or theme parks. The possibilities are endless.

Ving card rfid